Trigger Guard Holsters

Designed for ultimate security, our trigger guard holsters support both lights and lasers, ensuring a perfect fit for your firearm. Ideal for enhanced safety without compromising accessibility.

Trigger Guard Holster

Trigger Guard Holster

Designed to accommodate small to medium lights/lasers, our Trigger Guard Holster is great for carrying appendix, pocket, bug out bags, purses, gym bags and many more options. Just tie/attach the...


Trigger Guard Holster with Attachment

Trigger Guard Holster with Attachment

Our Trigger Guard Holster with Attachment is specifically designed to accommodate medium to large lights/lasers. Perfect for those seeking reliable protection and quick access. Trigger Guards are great for carrying...


Trigger Guard Holster with Clip

Trigger Guard Holster with Clip

Discover the ultimate Trigger Guard Holster with a durable polymer/tough clip for secure attachment. Ideal for quick draw and everyday carry. Our Trigger Guard holsters are designed to ride securely...


What primary function do Trigger Guards serve?

Trigger Guards are designed to prevent accidental discharge by securely covering the trigger area, enhancing safety during storage or carry. 

Can Trigger Guards fit firearms with aftermarket accessories?

Yes, we customize Trigger Guards to accommodate a variety of accessories such as lights and lasers, ensuring a secure fit regardless of loadout modifications.

Which Trigger Guard holster model should I choose for my firearm?

The right model depends on whether your firearm setup includes a light/laser and the size of that accessory. For setups with medium to large lights/lasers, choose the Trigger Guard Holster with Attachment for optimal fit and protection. For firearms with small to medium lights/lasers, the standard Trigger Guard Holster is the best choice, ensuring a snug fit without unnecessary bulk.

What should I consider when choosing a Trigger Guard over another holster?

Consider the specific model of your firearm, any modifications, and your personal safety requirements.  Trigger Guards are ideal for purse carry or minimal carry situations due to their compact design, offering protection and safety without the bulk of traditional holsters.

How do Trigger Guards enhance the overall safety of firearm handling?

By securely covering the trigger, Trigger Guards significantly reduce the risk of accidental discharge, making them an essential safety feature for responsible firearm ownership.

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