OWB Holsters

Our OWB holsters offers flexible carrying options, with models compatible with both belt loops and paddles, and designed to accommodate lights and lasers. Offering a customized fit for your firearm with added functionalities.

OWB | Outside The Waistband Holster

OWB | Outside The Waistband Holster

Our Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters ride as close to the body as possible ensuring a flat profile while still providing quick and rapid draws. All of our OWB holsters...


Outside the Waistband Paddle Holster - Front

OWB | Outside the Waistband Paddle Holster

Our New Outside the Waistband Paddle Holster has been redesigned to accommodate an improved and slimmer Paddle attachment. This redesign ensures a close ride to the body ensuring a flat...


Why might I choose an OWB Holster over other types?

OWB Holsters offer comfort and easy access, making them ideal for open carry, range use, or when concealment isn’t a primary concern. 

Can your OWB Holsters accommodate optics and extended barrels?

Absolutely. We provide full customization options, including optic cuts, suppressor sights, and threaded barrels, for a perfect fit.

Are OWB Holsters comfortable for all-day wear?

Yes, our OWB Holsters are designed with both comfort and durability in mind, suitable for extended periods of wear.

What’s the difference in retention between OWB and IWB Holsters?

While both holster types offer secure retention, an OWB Holster’s ergonomics may allow for a slightly faster draw due to their accessibility. Our OWB holsters are adjustable for personalized retention levels.

Can OWB Holsters be used for concealed carry?

While primarily used for open carry, OWB Holsters can be concealed under larger, looser garments like jackets or untucked shirts.

What makes your OWB Holsters stand out?

Our handcrafted approach, combined with the expertise of our veteran-led team, ensures each OWB Holster offers unmatched quality and customization. Our holsters are crafted by shooters for shooters.

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